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With the Internet revolution, one need not actually be present in the office to perform office related jobs.   Now, you can do clerical work from home by becoming a virtual assistant!

A virtual assistant is pretty much like an office personal assistant. The only difference is, if you are a virtual assistant, you are not physically present in the office and you are not working face to face with your employer (client).  You are in a remote location working in a virtual office — the Internet — where you interact with your co-workers and clients through electronic means.

Of course, there are hundreds of work from home opportunities that abound online.  However, virtual assistants are perhaps the most in demand home-based workers because of the facility and flexibility they offer. Virtual assistants offer facility and flexibility because they basically offer across the board services.  Their job descriptions are more varied and may involve writing e-mails, making memos, faxing documents, doing research, and planning schedules.

Although virtual assistants mostly do clerical work from home, it is not the same as data entry or typing from home.  A virtual assistant is more similar to an office administrator.  The services that a virtual assistant offers are more varied and flexible depending on the needs of the client.

Unlike some work from home ideas, a virtual assistant does not involve high start-up cost.  In fact, you can find virtual assistant jobs online at no cost from your end! Since there is very little or no monetary outlay required from you before you can start as a virtual assistant, the risk involved is pretty minimal compared to other opportunities. However, you may need some basic office-type equipment to do some of the tasks.

With the proliferation of online home-based jobs sites, it is easy to find a job as a virtual assistant online.  These sites will give you facility in the use of your time since jobs are mostly classified into full time or part time positions.

Of all the sites online offering work from home virtual assistant jobs, my favorite is Odesk.  Odesk is special because it provides a listing of hourly jobs and this site guarantees payment on an hourly basis.  Odesk uses a unique tracking software that logs the number of hours worked.  Since most virtual assistants are paid by the hour, Odesk is a great way to find clerical work from home as a virtual assistant. Check out Odesk for yourself and you be the judge.

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