Believe it or Not, There is Legitimate Data Entry Work

October 1, 2019 by
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If you are one of the skeptics, I can definitely understand where you are coming from. You must have had a crash and burn experience with home-based data entry work that never paid off.  Most work-at-home freelancers share similar experiences.  Others got discouraged after a few misses and subsequently categorized online data entry jobs as nothing but scam.  However, there is more to this undertaking than just tragic endings.

It is undeniable that there are so called freelance platforms requiring fees from freelancers but after receiving the fee, you will either not hear from them again or you will receive nothing but more empty promises.  I had my share of this misfortune. Their promises were nothing but that and I ended up losing my hard earned money.  I almost gave up on data entry work after several cases of hard luck. However, with good reviews from my friends who are likewise home-based freelancers, I tried a freelance site known as Freelancer. Much to my relief, it paid off!  Exhilarated with this discovery, I also gave Odesk and Scriptlance a try and the same thing happened! It takes some persistence with bidding on jobs to be successful and you won’t become wealthy overnight, but these sites do provide legitimate freelance work.

Despite my good fortune with home-based data entry work, I can only vouch for , Odesk, and Scriptlance as these are the only freelance sites I’ve tried that actually followed through with their promises. These sites all provide methods to ensure freelance workers get paid if they do the work. Rentacoder is also a legitimate site, but I feel their 15 percent fee is a little too high.

Through these freelance sites, I can choose from various niches in their extensive database.  There are simple jobs such as filling out profiles or typing in Captcha codes and more complex offerings that are highly technical in nature. I can also contract ad placements, perform copywriting, or even bid for transcription jobs.  With these myriad of options, I have full discretion in choosing my job assignments and I don’t have to subject myself to working on a project that I am not interested in.

I can say from experience that there is money in data entry work and there are legitimate freelance sites that can provide these jobs for you. Do not be discouraged by your previous experience with unscrupulous individuals taking advantage of home-based workers.  Remember, the key to online freelance jobs is to affiliate yourself with legitimate freelance sites.  The rest of your good fortune will just follow after that.

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