Freelance Sites

The following are freelance sites that I know are legitimate. I have gotten paid from each one of them. It took me some effort to get jobs, but after getting my first job at each site, it became a bit easier. NOTE: As with any worthwhile endeavor, you have to put in work to get rewards. In this case, it means you’ll need to bid on jobs. If you create an account on these freelance sites and expect employers to contact you, you will probably not get any work at all. – they limit you to a certain number of bids each month unless you become a gold member. I decided to become a gold member, because I got 10 times the number of bids and there were zero fees taken from earnings. Becoming a gold member is only worthwhile if you plan to be very active on the site.

Scriptlance – you can bid as often as you like on this site. When you win jobs, the fee is only 5% (which is very low). The only thing I didn’t like about this site is there is a great deal of competition from third world countries.

Odesk – a very classy site that also offers hourly freelance jobs. The fees on this site are charged to the client, which is a big plus.

Rentacoder (RAC) – I like this site, but their fees are too high (15%). I did meet a client on here who contracted me to do a monthly eBook, so it paid off.

One final thing to think about. Once you work a job for a client, you will have each other’s contact information. If that client needs your services in the future and you trust the client to pay you, you can do the work without going through the freelance sites. I had 3 or 4 clients that I worked with in that fashion.

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