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Selling on eBay is one of the many home-based businesses you can venture into. If you make money from sales at any level, then you have what it takes to be successful in selling on eBay. However, if you aren’t cut out to be a salesman, eBay isn’t going to make things easier for you.

There are countless tips and secrets on how to become a successful eBay seller but it all boils down to common business sense. If you want to sell something on eBay as a business or just want to get rid of some junk, you can surely benefit from the following steps.

First thing you have to do is to sign up and build your account. Building your account entails buying some things which you actually use and processing your payment immediately.  This will give you a feel of the site and will earn you positive feedback as a buyer. Positive feedback is crucial for gaining the trust of your future buyers. You’re probably saying “but I don’t want to buy anything, I just want to sell.” That may be true, but if you buy a few low-cost items to get feedback, it will pay off in the long run.

Then, as is the case with many home-based businesses, you have to research your market.  Check out other listings on eBay for the things you want to sell and see the information listed there. Ask yourself what makes a particular seller trustworthy. After this, assemble all the information required to be included in the listing.  Usually, this includes the item’s dimensions, weight, and photos. In taking photos, try to take professional shots as much as possible and don’t copy images from any other sellers as they might be copyrighted.

Now, its time to start building one of the many home-based businesses that have a proven track record.  Simply log-in to the Sell section of your eBay account and fill in the necessary information.  Think of a good title and include all relevant key words in your ad. You can also include alternate spellings and phrasings to expand your market reach.

Make sure you spell your title and description correctly.  Correct spelling equals professionalism and trustworthiness. Also, see to it that you choose the correct category for your product. Remember to include all the relevant information in your listing and keep a feature-focused tone. Don’t forget to be honest about the defects in your item if it is a used one. And be friendly with your tone.

The next thing to do is to pick a selling format.  In eBay, you have the option to conduct an online auction or allow your buyer to buy an item immediately. After you’ve set your selling format, you can now set your price. After all of this is done, review all the options before clicking the submit button.

Be patient in answering potential buyers’ questions and once you’ve sold and shipped the item, you should leave feedback for your buyer.

Good luck in building your own eBay home-based business!

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