Legitimate Work at Home Jobs Do Exist

Finding legitimate work at home jobs can be a little challenging, especially with the increase in the number of remote workers being ripped off for their hard earned efforts.  However, despite the increase in these devious online practices, don’t be easily discouraged.  There are legitimate sources of home-based employment that will justly reward you of your hard work.

Are you technology savvy?  If you are highly trained or skillful in the fields of Engineering, Information Technology, robotics, or such other significant skills in the computer world, http://hightechpros.com/openings.php can provide you with a permanent home-based job or a contract based stint.

If you don’t mind being on the phone most of the day listening to other people’s complaints, then you are perfect as a customer service agent.  You don’t have to be in a fully operational call center to do this job.  All it takes is a quiet environment and a reliable internet connection.  Check out http://www.callcenteroptions.com for more details.

If you have a working background in business, technology, finance, medicine, or law, you can find work as a transcriptionist at http://www.fantastictranscripts.com/workhome.htm.

It should be noted that the above legitimate work at home jobs websites are only available for those residing in the USA.

For those who are outside the USA, check out http://www.sciathome.com/index.html.  You should be an experienced home based worker with extensive background in customer service, telemarketing, technical support and order processing to qualify.  They require their agents to be impartial and unbiased since strict adherence to their product’s marketing technique is imperative.

These are just some of the many online sites that provide legitimate work at home jobs.  There are still hundreds, even thousands available online.  However, you need to be careful and discerning when choosing.  When they require initial payment from you, be wary.  Ask around and ascertain if there are indeed home-based workers who have gotten paid by them.  If you can’t find anyone who can give positive feedback for that particular home-based offer, then it may do you good to steer away and keep looking.

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