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If you happen to be a critic, then you can turn your otherwise negative attitude to something more useful.  And yes, you can earn money with this too. This legitimate money making opportunity from home comes in the form of reviews. You can write reviews and get paid for them.  One popular site which allows you to do just that is www.reviewstream.com.

Each review submitted to the site is paid $2 upon acceptance.  Reviews that don’t totally meet their guidelines are paid at the bulk rate, which is currently 40 cents. The process of submitting a review is simple. You just go to their site and submit your review.  There isn’t even a strict signup procedure – all you need is a username, an an email account, and Paypal and you’re all set.

They aren’t very particular on the kinds of reviews you submit, as long as it is interesting and relevant.  However, reviews can still be rejected if they aren’t specific enough or there isn’t enough interest in the subject. Nevertheless, if you have a personal experience with restaurants, books, movies, tourist spots, hotels, etc. they are happy to take your submissions.

The site is also not very particular about grammar and spelling, although it helps if you write in an understandable and fun manner. You’ll know if your review was rejected or approved because you’ll receive an email stating such. The amount of time before you’ll know the editors’ decision on your review varies but usually it will not take more than three days.

Getting paid by www.reviewstream.com is easy.  You’ll just need to reach the $50 payout limit they have set.  When you request a cash out, you’ll receive the money in your Paypal account within 72 hours.

A great thing about www.reviewstream.com is that there is no limit to the number of reviews you can send them. But you have to be careful, because members have gotten into trouble by stealing other people’s reviews and claiming them as their own. Legal actions have been taken against some of these writers.

Indeed, writing for this site can be a great source of income if you are passionate and honest about the reviews you write.

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