What are the Best Legitimate Work-from-Home Jobs?

Despite the rampant scams inundating the home-workers’ market, there do exist legitimate work from home jobs that have been helping many home based workers to earn money and gain better financial stability because of them. Although horror stories seem to be more widespread when it comes to work from home ideas online, there are real success stories shared by hundreds of thousands of individuals who had the good fortune to find real jobs from the remote locations of their homes.

Here are a list of some legitimate work from home jobs that have been proven to be honest to goodness home based jobs that actually pay:

Buying and Owning a Franchise. This may involve a bigger cash outlay compared to other home based business opportunities but the price comes with a big bonus – a ready made business. Franchises are desirable because the company is already established, the essentials of running a business are already supplied, training is already provided, as well as a specific territory where you can operate exclusively is already predefined. The work is laid down for you; all you need to do is to start the operation and that’s it.

Writer/Editor. Advertising is the lifeblood of most businesses and the written word is one of its most popular medium. Now, you don’t need to have a college degree to get a writing job. There are many writing opportunities online such as blogging and comment posting that will pay you $5 to $20 to write and post a few paragraphs on a topic that you are interested in. Check out Homewiththekids.com for these opportunities.

Teaching. The virtual classroom is now a popular form of learning. Teachers and students no longer have to travel and meet at a particular place for their lessons. All it takes is an online connection and a camera to set up the venue for learning. Tutorials are the most common teaching opportunities online. This is especially true for second language learners who want to enhance and improve their second language skills. Check out GetEducated.com for more information.

Virtual Assistant. Companies, especially small and medium sized ones, cannot afford to pay regular office administrators. This is where virtual assistants come in; they can just work for a few hours and finish the job for the small companies. Homewiththekids.com is also a good source for job listings on this one.

Medical transcriptionist. This is one of the most popular legitimate work from home jobs. You should have a good ear and fast typing skills to make this job work for you. There is a really high demand for this one because medical transcriptions are always required not only for medical and educational purposes but also for insurance claims adjustments as well.

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