Making Money At Home – Here are Some of the Most Popular Methods

More and more people are opting to make a living within the four walls of their homes. Making money at home is certainly an enticing prospect, especially for those who have children to take care of or those who simply abhor the home-office-home commute and slaving away in the daily routine of the corporate grind.

Making money at home has never been more real and possible as it is right now. The marvels of technology and virtual reality present a multitude of profitable work from home ideas that can be done while sitting in your very own home office.

Here are just some of the popular methods that you can utilize for making money at home:

1. Get paid to answer surveys.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, not really. Surveys are actually real marketing tools that manufacturers, businesses, and companies utilize to have better understanding of their target market and to identify factors that they need to improve and develop if they wish to thrive in their business. Your best bet to finding legitimate survey sites is to choose those that do not require you to pay them to take the surveys. You are the one who should get paid and not the other way around.

There really are legitimate survey sites. You definitely aren’t going to make a living from them, but they are an easy way to earn a few extra bucks. If you decide to join a few of these survey sites, be sure to refer your friends. You can earn extra money when your referrals take surveys, as well. Here are two legitimate survey sites (they both accept international members).

Get paid to take surveys…FREE to join…international members accepted.

2. Paid to click (PTC) and Get Paid To (GPT) sites.

You get paid to click ads and view them or to complete offers. You may ask who will actually pay for viewing ads? This is not television where ads are nothing but a necessary nuisance for the viewer. Online, you will get paid for viewing an advertisement because this actually improves and increases traffic to the site that you viewed thus allowing them to reach more and more people to promote their products. There are legitimate and paying PTC sites, but there are also a lot of scams out there. So be careful when choosing which ones to affiliate yourself.

Hits4Pay is a PTC site that pays you to click ads from email. They pay around 2 cents per click and I believe they send you around 3 ads per day. That’s not much money, but I guess it’s really simple to do. If you can get others to join, you can earn 1 cent for each ad they click. So, for example, if you got 100 people to join and each one clicked 3 ads per day, you’d earn $9 per day doing absolutely nothing. You can join Hits4pay here: Hits4Pay

Cashcrate is by far the most popular GPT site. The reason for that is they have a very good referral system. I only made $12 with them, but I only signed on a few times and have no referrals. I do know someone who earned $1800 in one month with Cashcrate and she is currently earning around $300 per month. All of those earnings are from referrals. The reason you need to get referrals is that there are only so many offers you can complete. I believe there are around 350 offers on the site. If you decide to join, be sure to follow their directions on how to complete offers and don’t use your personal email address (set up a new Yahoo or Gmail account specifically for PTC and GPT sites, because you will get plenty of spam). Here is a link to join Cashcrate. You should check them out.

3. Writing and blogging online.

Writers earn from the advertisement money generated from their blogs or personal websites. There are also sites that pay for forum posts and blog posts. So, for a few written words, you can actually make money online. Check out sites such as Hub pages and Infobarrel for more information on this type of opportunity for making money at home.

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2 Comments on Making Money At Home – Here are Some of the Most Popular Methods

  1. Make Money Online X on Thu, 10th Dec 2009 12:07 am
  2. So how much money have you made from this since you started?

  3. admin on Thu, 10th Dec 2009 12:15 pm
  4. I’ve been working at home for about a year and a half. I’ve earned around $5000 from various sources. However, my income is going to improve next year. I expect to earn at least 1K per month by next summer.