Where to Find Real Work-at-home Jobs?

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If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you know that there is indeed a way to make money online from real work-at-home jobs. But with the scams around today, it can be very difficult to actually find those jobs. As a job seeker, you have to know where to look so you can land that work from home job. Research has shown that about 20,000 new jobs are posted online each week and that companies are resorting to the Internet for their hiring process.

You can find real work-at-home jobs in many places.  Some of the sites you might want to consider are corporate web sites, local and general employment sites, specialized niche sites, resume banks, online classified ads, work-at-home directory listings, and paid online survey sites. Stray away from the sites that offer to pay outrageous amounts of money, because these are almost certainly scams.  Come to think of it, if they indeed pay these kinds of wages, why would people be working 9-5 jobs everyday?

To determine whether or not a work-at-home offer is legitimate or not, you have to look out for some things. If you want to land real work-at-home jobs, avoid sites that are poorly designed and have confusing pages.  Immediately click the back button of your browser if you land on a website that provides a list of companies which MAY be hiring.  Also, be wary about illegal chain letters which promise compensation once you forward it to your family and friends. You should also watch out for advertisements masked as job postings. And most importantly, you should not be made to pay before getting hired by a company.  See to it that when you are requested to enter your personal information, you are doing so on an SSL secure web server.

There are enough real work-at-home jobs available for those who truly want to put in the effort to find them.  The secret is in knowing where to look. With the above suggestions, looking for that elusive work-at-home job is just clicks away.

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2 Comments on Where to Find Real Work-at-home Jobs?

  1. Samantha on Sun, 21st Jun 2009 11:35 am
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  3. admin on Sun, 21st Jun 2009 7:30 pm
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