Getting Started with Transcription Work from Home

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Transcription work from home is very much in demand today.  The work associated with this field is easy.  You just have to have excellent language, typing, and listening skills as well as knowledge of medical terms. There are a lot of medical records to be transcribed and you can do this right from your own home.

When doing transcription work from home, you must have the ability to convert voice files into document files.  This will require you to type as you listen to the voice recording.  If you aren’t familiar with medical terms, but still want to get involved in medical transcription, you can enroll yourself in a medical transcription course. These courses will teach you how to transcribe tapes with the highest accuracy and fastest speed, as well as, teach you various medical terms.

The pay for transcription work from home is good. You can either use a flat rate system based on the volume of work you get or work on a per hour basis.  On the average, a beginner can earn up to $12 per hour while the more experienced medical transcriptionist can earn up to $20 per hour.

The things you’ll need if you want to work from home as a medical transcriptionist are an Internet-connected computer, a filing cabinet, headphones, and some medical dictionaries. You might also need a printer because some companies require printed copies of the transcription instead of soft copies.

These are the basic things you need to know if you are interested in transcription work from home. Once you are determined to start with your own transcription work, the next step is to find legitimate companies requiring transcribed materials. You can find a lot of these companies if you put some research to it. Don’t just grab the first opportunity that is given to you – research, research, and research to avoid being victimized by fraudulent companies.

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