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Work at home employment is ideal for those who prefer to stay at home and be their own boss.   You will not have to wake up early in the morning to dress up and go through the long commute process of going to the office.  Moreover, you will not have to put up with office politics and tyrannical bosses.  Here are some legitmate jobs you can work from home.

It is a sad fact that there are a lot of home workers who had to experience scams from unscrupulous people who take advantage of individuals seeking good work at home employment.  However, there a lot of legitimate employers outsourcing a bulk of their company jobs to home workers.  The following paragraphs will show you some of these legitimate sources of home-based employment.

If you are residing in the USA and want to work online in the comfort and privacy of your home dealing with customer issues and complaints, is the online site you would want to check out.  They offer work opportunities to those who wish to become a home-based customer agent.  They will give you free training either through the internet or via phone discussion.  The best thing about Alpine Access is that you start getting paid even while still undergoing training!

If you prefer data entry work at home employment, you might want to check out They offer employment world wide.  You will earn on a per piece basis, so the more work you do, the more money you’ll earn.  However, you’ll just have to contend with the long waiting list.

If you have had experience with transcribing and desire to work as a transcriptionist, check out  They offer a wide range of materials to transcribe so you will not get bored transcribing the same topics over and over. There are even transcription jobs involving film footage.  What better way to transcribe than by watching films, right? Oh, you need to be in the USA to be eligible for their job offers.

These are just some examples of work at home employment available online.  As a home worker, you have to be careful in choosing a legitimate source of employment because there are scammers out there just waiting for your moment of weakness.  Ensure that you are only offering services to those tried and tested sources for home-based jobs.

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