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Lately, it has been a season of job hunting. Finding the right type of work, its accompanying benefits, and the amount of pay are the considerations one has to weigh. Before, you may have been thrilled when getting an office job even if the pay wasn’t that good.  Today, you will be surprised to know that there are more individuals who are hooked with work at home jobs instead of office jobs.

Going for a work at home job is the latest trend nowadays to combat the current economic recession. This is made possible by the internet. Giving everybody an opportunity of earning in the comforts of their home is probably one of the best concepts man has ever thought of. Here are some of the most popular careers or positions that you can get into working from home:

1. Home-based agent and virtual assistant – If doing office work is your kind of job, then you can still get employed with companies by telecommuting through the internet. Here, you will cover a territory as an insurance agent or as a sales representative. You can also be a customer service agent whose main job is telemarketing or you can be a virtual assistant doing administrative jobs and providing electronic clerical services.

2. Internet-based transcriptionists and tutors – Those who get in this job are individual contractors transcribing and editing reports on their personal computers. On the other hand, online tutors provide services to foreign students who would want to learn English and other academic fields in what is known popularly as online classes.

3. Paid surveys – Companies run surveys to determine what products and services the consumers want. Most survey companies are looking for sample respondents and are attempting to get feedback to provide to their clients. Answering surveys can be an easy way to earn cash, but be careful of those who are just imposing scams. Not all survey companies are legitimate.

4. Paid-to-click ads – Just like with surveys, in order to advertise their sites, services and products, some attractive offers are to earn some cents through viewing ads for a specific number of seconds and after sometime cash it out as you reach the minimum amount. While this is one of the most popular work at home jobs around, it’s difficult to make much money doing it.

These are just some of the work at home jobs that people are into today. It does take some time to land a position working from home, but nevertheless, once you have it, you will no longer want to leave home to earn money.

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