Work from Home Assembly – Can You Earn Money Assembling Products at Home?

October 25, 2019 by
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More and more people are opting to work from home, not only because of the freedom it offers, but also due to income flexibility it affords.  So, it’s not surprising that there are hundreds of so called companies online offering work from home opportunities, one of which is the work from home assembly of products.

First, let me tell you how it works. Work from home assembly is a terminology that refers to a business enterprise where a home-based “independent contractor” contracts a job of assembling products to be carried out at the comfort of one’s own home.  Usually, this entails paying hundreds of dollars for the cost of materials. Some companies like to call it a one-time membership fee.  After paying the said fee, the home-based worker is supposed to receive a product package that contains a finished product sample and the essential materials to be assembled.  It is only after these assembled products are sent to and received by the “hiring” companies that the home-based worker will receive his or her paycheck.

I have been flooded with questions on whether there is such a thing as legitimate work from home assembly and whether or not there is indeed money in this type of enterprise.  I will not boldly say that home-based product assembly is a scam.  However, I will tell you the reasons why the risk factor is steep for the home-based worker.

Primarily, you will be required to pay out a huge amount of money.  There is no guarantee whether or not you will receive the promised product package.  Let us say you did receive the product package, completed the assembly job, and successfully shipped the same; the next possible problematic scenario is that the hiring company will either not acknowledge receipt of the products or will just inform you that the product you shipped is not at par with their standard.  Either way, you will not receive your paycheck.

The big outlay coupled with the numerous excuses available to the hiring companies make the profitability of a work from home assembly job highly dubious.

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