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Interested about work from home mailing? It pays to know the details first and evaluate its business and profitability potential before you get carried away by the promises of easy money and big pay-outs.

Work from home mailing shares a lot of similarities to the stuffing envelopes scam. The only difference is, the companies offering this so called business opportunity actually send you the postcards and brochures that you need to mail. However, the registration fee or one time only investment amount remains a common feature for both of these work from home ideas.

There are online companies offering work from home mailing opportunities that feature a very good website complete with technical support, contact numbers, and testimonials from their successful home workers. However, I still have to find a home worker that was actually paid for doing this job. I would certainly love to receive information from real life home workers who actually became successful from mailing postcards. That kind of testimonial would surely bolster this work-at-home opportunity’s credibility.

So, how does this work? From some companies I have checked out, the home worker does not actually earn from every postcard or brochure mailed. Earnings actually come from every successful response from the postcard or brochure’s recipient. Thus, if there are no responses, there can be no income. Also, I still have to find out how home workers can actually verify the number of successful responses as these websites either fail to discuss it or remain very vague about it.

Some of these companies require one time registration for amounts that vary depending on the number of brochures or postcards that the home worker would want to mail. There may be sites not requiring the initial investment, but the home worker is still required to pay the postage. It all boils down to a cash lay-out from the home worker’s end. Cash lay-outs are a certainty but pay-offs remain suspect. So, one can certainly not be confident on the profitability potential of work from home mailing opportunities.

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