Work from Home Medical Billing – Is it the Right Opportunity for You?

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You must have heard about the work from home medical billing sales pitch of $20,000 to $40,000 of easy annual income without the fuss.  Sounds tempting, right? Before you get yourself too excited about these promises, it is important for you to have a good understanding of what this job entails.

What is work from home medical billing? This question is crucial to all those who are aspiring to venture into the medical billing enterprise.   Basically, medical billing is the process of submitting electronic insurance claims to insurance companies for the payment of medical procedures performed by a doctors to the patient-beneficiary.

Most doctors are shifting from paper claims to electronic claims because the latter is easier and more efficient.  Since it is cheaper to outsource medical billing than hire more staff, there is a growing demand for home-based medical billing specialists.

Undeniably, work from home medical billing business has an established niche in the market.  However, this does not guaranty the thousands of dollars of income promised by many dubious companies.  What guarantees substantial income from medical billing is your capacity to accurately prepare medical insurance claims that will obtain prompt payment to your medical professional client.

You need to have a good working knowledge of medical codes and terminologies.  Training is not usually required for you to qualify to provide medical billing services.  However, training is crucial for you to accurately perform your duties.

A personal computer, an Internet connection, faxing capability, and good medical billing software are the additional tools for this particular trade.  The cost for medical billing software varies from a few hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Your knowledge and competence in providing a credible medical billing service is crucial to your success.  So, it is imperative for you to fully equip yourself with the essentials of the trade before you jump on the medical billing bandwagon.

Work from home medical billing business can be a lucrative enterprise if you possess the necessary requisites.  Start working on the basic know-how of medical billing and check out for yourself if it is the perfect home-based occupation for you.

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One Comment on Work from Home Medical Billing – Is it the Right Opportunity for You?

  1. Ben on Fri, 2nd Oct 2009 10:08 pm
  2. People talked about this all the time when I was in school. I work as a medical receptionist in an office so it’s hard for me to imagine working from home. I do see the appeal though, especially if you have kids.