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In addition to medical billing, there are several other medical related jobs that you can do at home. However, since medical related jobs are highly technical, be prepared to undergo training and for some, certification and accreditation procedures, necessary to qualify for these types of jobs at home.

Here are just some of the medical related work from home ideas that you may find interesting:

1. Medical record reviewer. This work from home medical job, as the name suggests, entails a review of medical records as part of an investigation conducted to prove or rule out health care fraud. Other uses for medical record review also include validation of diagnosis and procedures, settlement of billing disputes, means to facilitate payment of health insurance claims as well as appraisal of the necessity of a medical procedure claimed for coverage.

2. Medical Appointment Makers. Although this job obviously includes booking of appointments online, it also covers other duties and responsibilities such as searching for medical specialists on a specific territory and registration of waiting lists. It may also include non-medical additional duties such as ordering food delivery or booking venues for clients.

3. Medical Coders. This job is a crucial part of medical billing where the coders use codes to record or report procedures conducted and medical services tendered by health care professionals. There are those offering jobs for medical coders alone while some companies include coding in the general duties of the work at home medical billing professionals.

4. Medical Transcriptionist. Unlike other work from home medical jobs, typing and listening skills, on top of the basic knowledge and familiarity with medical terminologies, are crucial for this position. The job entails encoding dictated material such as a doctor’s instruction or medical seminars into a logical and comprehensible text. It is also important for the transcriptionist to have a discerning ear to identify what is relevant. Side comments and irrelevant observations or remarks are not uncommon in these dictations; it is up to the transcriptionist to edit those out.

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