Does Anyone Really Work from Home Stuffing Envelopes?

October 13, 2019 by
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Work from home stuffing envelopes has been in the home-based worker’s grapevine as far as I can remember.  Forty years ago, when I was a child, I remember hearing my mother and her friends discussing this topic. They were saying how easy it would be to sit around the house sipping iced tea and make money just stuffing envelopes. Can people truly earn money this way?

You will read hundreds of warnings about work from home stuffing envelopes scams.  You will learn that this is how the scam basically works: you will receive a newsletter, flyer, or some kind of advertisement of some sort that usually includes a testimonial from a next door type of person swearing to the hundreds of dollars she earns just stuffing envelopes at home. Then comes the usual sales pitch that you can do it too; earn hundreds of dollars on a weekly basis for such little effort.  The only catch is, you have to pay a minimal fee to ensure that you are indeed committed to stuffing envelopes.

You will then receive a package from the company that is contracting you to stuff envelopes. However, the package you will receive is not what was promised.  Instead of advertisements of company newsletters for distribution, you will receive materials advertising work-from-home-stuffing-envelopes to be distributed to other unsuspecting individuals.  These companies will even go to the lengths of threatening that you will forfeit your initial fees if you don’t do as instructed.  So, what happens is, they haven’t just conned you out of your money, they have also used you to perpetuate their scam.  No wonder this trick has been going on for decades!

If you just think about it, companies have their own staff to do the envelope stuffing routine.  I doubt if they have that much material that they actually need to outsource it to home-based workers. So, if you ask me if work from home stuffing envelopes is a legitimate job, I’d have to say I don’t believe so. And, until someone convinces me otherwise, that’s the answer I’m sticking with.

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