The 3M’s of Working from Home Jobs

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Working from home jobs are a reality in today’s world. To be a successful home worker you have to know and follow three things, which I call the 3M’s of working from home.

1. Maintain good relations with your clients – As a home worker, you won’t be seeing clients physically. However, just like any other business, you have to see to it that you maintain good relations with them.  This means that you should respond to their inquiries quickly.  Since working from home jobs do not demand strict hours, be realistic about what you can give to your clients.  Remember, you should also be friendly in all your correspondence with them.

2. Make sure to follow instructions – This is a very important thing to take note of.  Clients usually will not have the time to review your work, so make sure that when you turn your work in to them, there are no errors whatsoever. Errors can mean money lost for your client and if they lose profit because of a minor thing, you can get axed for it. If you don’t understand part of the instructions, don’t be afraid to clarify. Clients will welcome clarifications rather than receive work that is not done correctly.

3. Meet Deadlines – One common misconception with working from home jobs is that there are no deadlines involved.  But this belief is very wrong. Online clients require you to follow very strict deadlines because you are working at your own convenience.  Don’t say yes to a project if you can’t meet a deadline because it will mean a negative mark for you and will probably result in a lost client.

Keep these things in mind and you’ll have a better chance of being successful on your working from home jobs.  With all the freedom and convenience that come with working at home, the best thing that you can do is to give your clients their money’s worth.

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